Personal/Enterprise\ Stand-Alone Version

  1. Click the following icon on the desktop background to run the program.

  2. Upon setting graphic options, the following log-in window will appear.


    Save ID : This saves the ID information to the registry. 

    Save PW : This saves the Password information to the registry.

    Auto Deactivation : This will automatically deactivate the License upon exiting the program.
                                   As the License remains activated on the PC even after the program is closed, 

              the License must be deactivated in order to be used with the program on another PC. 
              This can be done by running the program again and going to Settings > Deactivate License at the top to manually deactivate the License, 
    Use Proxy Server : If using a Proxy Server, the Proxy Server’s information must be typed in to be able to receive proper authentication.

    Before entering the account information, make sure to confirm that the right program is being run by checking the top of the log-in window.
    If the correct product has been installed, enter in the account information.
    Enter in the account information received from the reseller or the MD Sales Team.

    If using a Proxy Server, check Use Proxy Server and type in the Proxy Server information, as shown below. 

  3. Upon running the program, the Graphic Options window, as shown below, will appear.

    Show Shadow : Shows shadows.
    Use Shader : Uses the Shader.
    Antialising : Sets the antialiasing.

    Without an NVIDIA graphic card, or with an older NVIDIA graphic card model, the above functions may not work.

  4.  Upon authentication, the program will be run.
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