Motion is a native file format (MTN) of CLO that saves Avatar movement information, and is used when recording Animation of Garments and Avatars.

CLO provides Motion files for its default male and female Avatars, but Animation data or motion capture data from third-party 3D solutions can be imported as COLLADA files, then extracted as a Motions file (MTN) through this menu.


  1. Open Motion : Main Menu → File → Open → Joint Motion 
  2. Save Motion : Main Menu → File → Save As → Joint Motion 



Open Motion

  1.  Find and click the menu indicated in Location 1.

    → The File Explorer or Finder will appear.


  2. Navigate to the desired MTN file, then click Open.
    → The Load Motion Type window will appear.


  3. Select from the settings available:

    Joint InformationAvatar Size + Joint Rotation & PositionApplies the Avatar's size, pose motion data (joint rotation), and joint positions.
    Joint Rotation OnlyApplies the pose motion data (joint rotation) only, while maintaining the avatar's size.
    Garment PositionMove Avatar & Garment to Start PositionMoves the Avatar and Garment to the location of the first frame. (v.2.5.0)
    Transition AnimationA transition animation is an animation that changes from a T-pose to a motion’s first pose in stages, and is created when the avatar’s current pose and motion differs from that of the first frame pose.


  4. Click OK.


Save Motion

  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location 2.
    → The File Explorer or Finder will appear.
  2. Navigate to the desired location, enter a name, then click Save.
    → The MTN file will be saved to the designated location.


    Motions files can only be saved when imported as Avatars in COLLADA format with motion data, and the Collada files must be in OpenCOLLADA format. For detailed instructions on COLLADA format, refer to Importing COLLADA.


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