Trim (Scenes/Props)


Use OBJ files designed in other 3D software as avatars dressed in garments,

as well as the Trim (scenes and props) that make up the surrounding environment.

When a file is loaded as an avatar, the garment registers the object as an avatar and drapes on top of it.

However, when the same file is loaded as a Trim(scene or a prop), the garment does not register it as an object and just goes through it.


OBJ Import 

  • Main Menu → File → Import → OBJ

Load as Trim(Scenes & Prop) 

  • Import OBJ Options Window  Object type → Load as Trim (Scenes & Prop)


  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location's Import OBJ.
    → The Open File window will be opened.

  2. Choose the OBJ format file to import as a Trim(scene/prop) and click “OK”.
    → The Import OBJ window will be opened.

  3. Select Import as Trim(Scene/Prop) in Object Type

  4. Set the rest of the details and click “OK”.

OBJ Trim(Scene/Prop) Option



Adjusts the scale of the file being exported when a value is entered or the desired unit from “Unit in file to import” is selected.
Axis ConversionChanges the directions of each axis of the object.
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