Sculpt garments using various brush tools. (ver. MD8)


  • SCULPT Mode → Brush Tool


  1. Select SCULPT mode on the menu select menu at the top right of Marvelous Designer.
    →The Brush toolbar appears in the upper left corner of the SCULPT mode screen.

  2. Select a Brush tool from Brush toolbar.
    → When mouseover on 3D garment after selecting a brush tool, can check brush Size and Focal setting.

  3. With a brush is selected, brush property will be displayed.
    → Adjust Strenght, Size, Focal, Spacing Depth on Brush property.
    → Also can change brush type and property setting on 3D window pop up menu (shortcut:B).

  4. Click and drag on 3D garment to sculpt.
    → Press the Shift key on the keyboard while using any type of Brush tool.

  5. 3D garment will be displayed with gray in SCULPT mode. 
    → Adjust the color either material of 3D garment on  Material Type on the property window.

Brush Types

SculptEmboss mesh.
With invert option activated, engraves mesh.

Makes the surface flat on average.

(Shortcut: Shift)

GrabMoves vertexes to express pulled surface.

Use an image as a stamp.

PinchClose the position of the vertexes, makes the surface sharper.


Brush Property

Depending on the type of brush, the properties you apply vary.


Brush Property

DescriptionBrush Type
StrengthStrength of brush.OOOOO
SizeSize of brush.OOOOO

Coverage of brush.

(similar with Hardness)


Interval of brush.

DepthDepth of brush.OOOXO

Change the direction of a brush.

(shortcut: Alt)

ImageUsing an image as brush.OXOOX


Using an image as brush

  1. Click ▼button next to Image. 
  2. Click an Image from default images.
    - Focal setting is not available for image brush.
  3. Click & Drag on 3D garment to Sculpt.
    - Click & Drag to adjust the size and angle for Stamp brush.
  4. To turn off an image, click ▼button and select Off. 
    - Focal setting appears on brush property after turning off image.

Adding image

  1. Click + button next to image.
  2. Select an image on the file browser.
  3. Click & Drag on 3D garment to Sculpt.
    - Click & Drag to adjust the size and angle for Stamp brush.
  4. After adding image, can load the image by clicking ▼button next to the image.

Creating image

Image file should be Black and white (mono-tone). White area emboss when using it as a brush.


Double Side Display

With Double Side option activated, can check both back and front side of mesh.


Show/Hide 3D Pattern (Shortcut Shift+Q)

  1. Show selected pattern only
    - Select a pattern while input Shift+Q, other patterns will be hidden. 
  2. Reverse selected pattern/hidden pattern
    - After operating no.1 above, click on the selected pattern while input Shift+Q to reverse hidden pattern/ selected pattern.
  3. Adding hidden patterns
    - To hide additional patterns, click on a pattern which you want to hide while input Shift+Q.
  4. Show All 3D Patterns
    - Click on the background while input Shift+Q to show all pattern.

3D Garment Rendering Style

You can set the following menus from the View Settings icon on the left of the 3D window.

  1. Show Internal Lines
  2. Monochrome Surface (Alt+3) / Wireframe on Surface (Alt+6)


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