_Set View Control


Change the default settings of the software menu according to user preference in User Settings.
Upon restarting, the user settings of the software becomes the default settings. 
Shortcut keys, menus, graphic options, view controls, and other miscellaneous properties can be set in User Settings.


Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ View Control


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ View Control

    ※ Note: A key and mouse control combination can be set for one function. If a combination is repeated, the interface may not work properly.


    Preset  Select one of the default presets.


      Select a key and mouse combination for moving the screen.


      Select a key and mouse combination for zooming in or out the screen.
    (3D Window)
      Select a key and mouse combination for rotating the screen.

    Popup Menu

      Select a key and mouse combination for opening the pop-up menu of the 3D Window.


      Axis Constraint Key

      Select the key that is used to move items across a constrained horizontal axis, vertical axis, or 45º angle.
      Smart Panning  Toggle on/off the option to Pan automatically based on the location of the mouse cursor while using certain functions. 

    Set Camera Default Distance

    (ver. MD8)

      Set the distance between the object and the camera when using the shortcut for view control.
      Change this setting when the default distance is too far away from the small object.



    ※ Note: 

    Right-Clicks on a MAC

    By default, right-clicks are disabled on Macs (Magic Mice, as well as others.)
    However, the right-click gives you access to important pop-up menus in Marvelous Designer.
    You can easily enable right-clicks for your Mac mouse by following the instructions below:

    1. Navigate to System Preferences (either from your dock or from the Apple menu on the top left hand corner of the screen.)
    2. Select Mouse.
    3. The Secondary Click (Click on right side) option will be unchecked. Check it to enable right-clicks.
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