Copy/Paste Trims


Copy and paste trims in the 3D window. (ver. MD7.5)


Right-Click Pop-Up Menu ▶ Copy

Right-Click Pop-Up Menu ▶ Paste


  1. Load an OBJ as a Trim.

  2. Select the Select/Move tool from the 3D toolbar.

  3. To copy a trim, follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Right-Click Pop-Up Menu ▶ Copy

    → The selected trim is copied.

  4. To paste the copied trim, follow the indicated guideline below:

    Right-Click Pop-Up Menu ▶ Paste

  5. Click to place the duplicated trim in the 3D window.
    → The trim is pasted.


  • To copy and paste multiple trims, hold down Shift on the keyboard and select all trims to be copied, then perform the procedure above.

  • When copying and pasting multiple trims, they must all be placed within a Pattern.

  • Shortcuts for copy and paste are Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively.
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