Copy/Paste Patterns (3D)


Copy and paste patterns in the 3D window. (ver. MD7.5)


Right-Click Pop-Up Menu (on Pattern) ▶ Copy or Paste


  1. Select the Select/Move tool from the 3D toolbar.

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Right-Click Pop-Up Menu (on Pattern) ▶ Copy or Paste

    → A preview of the copied pattern follows the mouse cursor.

  3. Click on the desired location in the 3D window to place the duplicated pattern.
    → The copied pattern is automatically assigned a number. 

※ Note: 

  • To copy and paste more efficiently, select the pattern, press Ctrl+C, then press Ctrl+V or Ctrl+R on the keyboard to copy, paste or mirror paste, respectively.

  • Copy and paste patterns in the 3D window to another MD software window. This is only available in Windows.
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