Zipper Slider Properties


Modify the zipper slider properties.


  • 3D Toolbar → Select/Move (Q) Tool → Slider Object → Property Editor


  1. Navigate to the menu listed in Location.
    → The properties of the selected zipper slider will appear in the Property Editor.
  2. Modify the zipper slider properties based on the available options below:

Zipper Slider Property Editor

Menu Item



Rename the Zipper Slider.


Adjust the Slider's size and weight (ver. MD8).



Select the Slider's size.



Adjust the Zipper Slider size based on a percentage scale.


Weight (g)

Adjust the weight of the Slider (ver. MD8).

Fasten Zipper

Zip or unzip the Zipper.


Reverse Zip Direction

Set the direction of the Zipper fastens.

The Zipper Slider moves based on the zip direction.



Move to Opposite Side

Designates the Zipper Slider position on the Zipper Tape when the Zipper is unfastened.


Modify the materials applied to the Zipper Slider.


Diffuse Color

Sets the color of the Zipper Slider.


Diffuse Map

Apply a texture to the Zipper Slider.


Ambient Color

Sets the Ambient Color of the Zipper Slider.


Ambient Map

Sets the Ambient Map to the Zipper Slider.


Specular Color

Set the Specular Color for the Zipper Slider.




Modify the sheen of the Zipper Slider.


Specular Map

Add a Specular Map for the Zipper Slider.


Emission Color

Set the color that emits from the Zipper Slider.

OpacityAdjust the transparency of the Zipper Slider.


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