Project with Meta Data (*.ZPrj)/ Garment with Meta Data (*.zpac)


When saving Project files, an accompanying XML file with Garment, trim, and texture information will be provided. Turntable images will also be generated with the Project file (versions after 3.1.38)

XML File Contents


1. Product version

2. Garment version

3. Garment polygon, triangle, vertex count: this includes the pattern, trims, textures; all information related to the Garment.

3-1. Pattern polygon, triangle, vertex count

3-2. Trim Object polygon, triangle, vertex count: Trim are Object files imported via File » Import » Import as Trim.

3-3. Button polygon, triangle, and vertex count

3-4. Print Texture polygon, triangle, vertex count: Print Texture are textures imported as Graphic.

3-5. Texture Count: the number of textures applied to Fabric.

3-6. Material Count: the number of items used or applied to Fabric.

4. Avatar total polygon, triangle, and vertex count

5. Turntable image names


  • Save as Project: Main Menu → Save As → Project with Metadata/ Garment with Meta Data


Save as Project

  1. Navigate to the menu listed in Location.
    → Save File window will appear.
  2. Navigate to the desired file location.
  3. Enter a file name in File Name, then click the Save button.
  4. The Save Metadata dialogue will appear.

FileSave FolderSaves the Project file along with the metadata and turntable images within a folder.
Save ZIP FileSaves the Project file along with the metadata and turntable images as a ZIP file.
ImageImage CountSelect the number of images for the Turntable.

Don't Show Again Check Box


Checking this box will hide the dialog, but will remember the last entered settings when saving the metadata. To view the dialog again, go to Main Menu » User Settings » Others » Metadata, then set the Don't Show Again Save Metadata option to Off.

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