Rename Color Swatch


Change the name of a color swatch. 



  • Property Editor → Material → Color  



  1. Select the item (avatar, fabric, button, topstitch, etc.) that needs to have its color name changed. 

  2. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → The Color window will open. 

  3. Click on the View button in the upper right hand corner of the Custom Palette window. 
    → The color names will be displayed. 

  4. Double-click on a color name. 
    → The name will become editable. 

  5. After entering the desired color name, click outside of the color name box or press Enter on your keyboard. 
    → The color name will change accordingly. 

※ Note: 

Added Method in ver. MD8

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 
    Property Editor ▶  Materials ▶ Color 
    → The Color window appears.

  2. Under the Default_Palette, double click a color swatch to change its name.
    → The Color Swatch Name window appears.

  3. Type in the desired name and click OK.
    → Selected swatch's name is changed.
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