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Surface Textures can also be cropped to a desired size before they are saved. (v. 2.5.0) 



  •  Main Menu → File → Save As → Surface Textures 


    Surface Texture refers to the surface texture of a Garment.



  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → The Save File window will be opened.

  2. Select a Folder location to save the Surface Textures, then press 'Save'.
    → The Save Surface Textures window will appear. (v. 2.5.0) 
  3. Select from the available settings: (v. 2.5.0) 

    Original SizeSaves the Surface Texture in its original size.
    Crop Fabric TexturesCrops the image file based on the value entered.


  4. Click OK.
    → The selected image size setting is applied and the files are saved to the Folder location assigned.