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-       Sets animation file list. It is used to set external list type value. If the count does not match with other file lists, the last animation file path will be loaded.

-       def set_simulation_options(object, obj_type = 0, simulation_quality = 0, simulation_delay_time = 5000, process_simulation = True):


-     This function sets the information of the inner shape included in the garment to be saved together.

def on_export_save_meta_data(object):

-     This function set to export with Metadata. Please refer to manual for more info about Metadata.

def set_export_unified_uv_texcoordnate(object, bTexture_bake, texture_bake_size, fill_texture_seam):

-     bTexture_bake exports as an image. texture_bake_size determines the resolution of the texture to be saved when the btexture_bake option is set to True. min - max is 100 - 10000 pixels pixelon_export_zipper_teeth_pattern_only and sets the width and height of the image to the designated size.


def set_export_axis_x(object, axis):

-     axis can be set to string type "Y" or "Z". axis is not case-sensitive.

def set_export_axis_y(object, axis):


-    This function can not be used simultaneously with the go_animation_first_frame function, and go_animation_first_frame takes precedence.

def onset_windcontroller_wind_activate(object, bActivate):


-    This function changes the activation state of the wind controller.

def onset_windcontroller_wind_type(object, windType):


-    This function sets the type of wind.

def onset_windcontroller_wind_strength(object, strength):


-    This function sets the wind strength.

def onset_windcontroller_wind_decay(object, decay):


-    This function sets the distance that the wind effects. The wind weakens along  parabolic line by the set value.

def onset_windcontroller_wind_frequency(object, frequency):

-    frequency is floating point type. default is 0.00

-    This function sets the wind cycle. Depend on set value interval in seconds, the winds become weaker and stronger.

def onset_windcontroller_wind_turbulence(object, turbulence):

-    Turbulence is a floating point type. default is 30.00

-    This function sets the irregular degree of wind intensity. The larger the value, the more irregular.

def onset_windcontroller_translate_x(object, x):

-    x is a floating point type. default is -700.00

-    This function sets the x coordinate position of the wind controller.

def onset_windcontroller_translate_y(object, y):

-    y is a floating point type. default is 1000.00

 This  This function sets the y coordinate position of the wind controller.

def onset_windcontroller_translate_z(object, z):

-   z is a floating point type. default is 300.00

-   This function sets the z coordinate position of the wind controller.

def onset_skin_offset(object, offset):

-   offset is floating point type. default is 3.0

-   This function sets the distance between the avatar and the garment.

-   This function sets the y coordinate position of the wind controller.

def single_process(object, open_garment_path, open_avatar_path, open_animation_path, save_file_path, obj_type = 0, simulation_delay_time = 5000, simulation_quality = 0, simulation = True, auto_save_project_file = True):