Change the default settings of the software menu according to user preference in User Settings.
Upon restarting, the user settings of the software becomes the default settings. 
Shortcut keys, menus, graphic options, view controls, default files, font settings and other miscellaneous properties can be set in User Settings.


Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ Default Files


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:
    Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ Default Files  


    Avatar & Garment

      Set the default Project File (*.Zprj) that opens upon launching the program.


      Set the default Fabric(*.PSP) and Default Topstitch(*.MSTP.)

    Simulation Property

      Set the default Simulation Property File(*SMP.)
    Auto Save  Set path for auto saved file.
    Color Palette
      Set the default Color Palette File(*.aco.)
    Garment Information

      When a file does not contain Garment Information, its default categories appear when the user opens Garment Information.
      Change Garment Information file path to open custom categories.

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