Wind Animation

Save Wind animation property by frame (Ver. MD 7)


Create or delete wind animation key


  • Animation Mode → Animation Editor 


Creating Wind Animation Key

  1. Create a pattern to apply Wind animation.
  2. Navigate to the menu indicated in Location.
  3. Main menu>Display>Environment> Check 'Show Wind Controller'
    → Can adjust wind property when Wind Controller is displayed.
  4. Select the Wind controller and move Playhead to the frame where Wind animation key will be applied on Timeline 
    → Wind controller will move along intermediate value if move Playhead after Wind animation key is set,
         Need to move Playhead first before set wind property, in order to locate wind controller to desired position. 
  5. Wind property will displayed when select Wind controller on 3D window.
    → Use Gizmo to adjust Wind controller's position and direction.
    → Check properties want to apply and input value.
    → Rotation and position of the wind are available to adjust by Gizmo on 3D window.
  6. Right click on Playhead on time line.
    → Select 'Add key' on popup menu to save wind property. 
    → Add key menu will not show up if wind controller is not selected.
    → When Wind Animation key is set, Wind property values will be applied gradually to the next key.
        For example, if Wind strength of first frame is 500 and last frame is 1000, Wind strength will gradually increase 500 ~ 1000 from first frame to last frame.
    When Wind Animation key is set and there is no existing next Wind animation key, Wind property of the key will be applied from the key to the end of the frame.
  7. Wind Property will be applied when recording animation.


Checking Wind Animation Key

  1. Check position and rotation of wind controller of each frame by moving Playhead on time line, after adding Wind Animation key on 3D window.

Deleting key

  1. Select Wind controller.
  2. Wind Animation keys will be displayed on Animation timeline.
  3. Select a key and right click.
    → Select 'Delete Key' on pop up menu to delete selected Wind Animation key.
  4. Available to delete multiple keys by Area select.
    → Move Playhead to the start point of desired area and click the end of the area while pressing 'Shift' key.
    → Delete all key of selected area by right click on selected area> select Delete Key on popup menu.
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