Unified Texture


Use the Unified Texture menu options when exporting files as OBJ, FBX. When using this menu, export multiple textures as a single file.


  • Main Menu → File → Export → OBJ
  • Main Menu → File → Export → FBX


  1. Click on the menu indicated in Location.
    → Save File window will appear.

  2. Select the desired file or create a new file by typing in a name, then click Save.
    → The Export window will appear.

  3. Check the Unified UV Coordinates menu to reveal the options for Unified Texture.

  4. Define the settings in the submenu, then click OK.


Unified Texture Detailed Settings:


Save Image File (PNG)

Set the file location and name.

  • Images will be saved with the entered file name with the following logic: File Name_0, File Name_1.

Texture Size (Width & Height)

The width and height will be the same. The allowed pixel range is 100 - 10000


 Fill Texture Seams

This function extends the texture range based on the texture boundary line. The allowed range is 0 - 15mm. As values are entered, a preview will be available in the 2D window.

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