UV Snapshot


Saving UV as image. (Ver. MD 7.5)


  • UV Editor mode → Snapshot button on the toolbar on the top of the window. 


  1. Click the menu according to Location.

          → Snapshot setting window will be opened.

      2. Set the values for following options below.

          UV Snapshot detail settings

File directory/ image setting

File Name

click '...' button and set saving directory and file format.

  • support PNG and JPEG file format.
  • Background is not saved when saving PNG.
  • When saving JPEG, background is saved as black.
Size (pixel)

Set the size of the image to be saved.

  • The images are saved in a square with the same horizontal and vertical size.
  • Antialiasing If checked, anti-aliasing is applied to the wire segments.
Edge Color

Sets the wire segment color.

  • The color you set is not previewed in the UV correction window, and the corresponding color is applied when you save.
UV area settingDefault 0 to 1

Save Default 0-1 Tile.

  • A tile is a rectangular area between a single unit to a single unit.

Selected Tile

Save a Selected Tile.

  • If you enter coordinates of U and V to be saved, one tile is saved accordingly.
All TilesSave all Tile in which the UV appears

      3. After setting values, click save button to save settings. 

         → Snapshot image will be saved to the designated directory.

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