Example: Superimpose (Side)


Arrange a sewn pattern to its corresponding pattern so that they are laid on top another for optimal Simulation. 

This feature is useful for facings, linings, cuffs, collars, and other places where patterns need to be arranged directly laid on another.



  • Main Menu → Edit → Context Menu → 3D Garment → Superimpose (Over)/(Under)/(Side)
  • 3D Toolbar → Select/Move Tool → Popup Menu (Right click 3D Pattern) →  Superimpose (Over)/(Under)/(Side)


  1. Using the Free Sewing tool and/or Segment Sewing tool, sew the pattern pieces together.
  2. Select Superimpose (Over)/(Under)/(Side) from the Main Menu or by right-clicking on the pattern in the 3D Garment window.
    → Depending on whether you selected Superimpose (Over)/(Under)/(Side), the selected pattern piece will be placed below or on the pattern it was sewn to, respectively.


This function only applies to patterns that have been sewn together.

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