De-wrinkle and even out smaller areas of 3D Garments, just like you would with a garment steamer.  (v.2.5.0)     



  • Main Menu  2D Pattern  Steam 

  • 2D Toolbar  (Steam) Tool 



Steam Settings

  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → The patterns in the 2D Window display as a light-grey triangular mesh.
     The Steam Brush window appears. 
  2. Configure the Steam Brush settings as needed. 

    ShrinkageAdjust the percentage of shrinkage.
    SizeAdjust the size of the brush.
    HardnessAdjust the brush's feathering (0% for soft, 100% for crisp edges).


  3. Click and/or click and drag to Steam areas on the pattern in the 2D Window. 
    → Depending on the shrinkage value, the Steamed area displays in orange (+) or light blue (-).


  4. Simulate. 

Remove Steam

  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
  2. Right-click on top of the pattern you would like to remove Steam from, then click either 'Remove Steam on Selected Pattern' or 'Remove All Steam'.
    → Steam is removed. 

Steam can also be removed from the right-click menu of the Edit Pattern (Z) and Transform Pattern (A) tools.

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