Reduce or ‘Skive’ the physical property of a fabric in designated areas of a pattern. 

Create bonded qualities to Pattern Unit. (ver MD6.5)



  • Property Editor (Internal Shapes / Pattern only) → Bond/Skive → Skive


  1. Select an Internal Shape to apply a partial physical property to. 
  2. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.

  3. Click the Skive checkbox to turn it on. 
    → The selected Internal Shape will temporarily become a semi-transparent grey color in the 2D Pattern Window. 

    → A scrollbar will appear, displaying the physical property of the pattern as a percentage (default is 100%). 
  4. Use the scrollbar to reduce or 'skive' the physical property in the area of the selected Internal Shape. 

  5. Simulate. 
    → The area of the Internal Shape will appear a bit softer, as if it has been shaved down. 
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