Save User Setting as Configuration File


Save user settings such as language, measurement units, and shortcuts as a configuration file that can be applied to program updates.(Ver. MD 7)




  • Main Menu → File → Save As → Configuration


  • Main Menu → File → Open → Configuration



  1. Modify the user settings as needed.

  2. Click on the menu listed in Location.
    → The Save File window will appear.

  3. Assign the file name and location, then click Save.
    → The user settings will be saved as a Configuration file.



  1. Click on the menu listed in Location.
    → The Open File window will appear.

  2. Select the desired configuration file and hit the Open button.
    → The Information window will appear, asking you to restart the program to apply the changes.

  3. Restart the program.
    → The user settings contained within the Configuration file will be applied.
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