Record Animation


Record garment animation.



  • Main Menu → Animation → Record
  • Animation Mode → Animation Editor →   (Record) Tool



  1. Click the  (Animation) Tool on the upper left of Marvelous Designer to change modes.
    → A pop-up window will appear. (Simulation Quality changed to "Complete" for high quality animation).

  2. Click ‘OK’ to change the Simulation Mode to Complete.

    Complete increases the number of simulation checks from Normal to process the avatar and garments more precisely.

    Right click the background of the 3D Garment Window and select “Set Simulation Properties” on the pop-up menu that appears,

    then check “Avatar-Garment Collision Detection (Vertex-Triangle) on the Property Editor to set the collision between the avatar and garments more accurately.

  3. Load the desired motion file. (‹ Click to move to the Open/Save Motion File page)
    → A pop-up window  (Do you want to create a transitional animation from the current pose to the start of the motion file?) will appear.

  4. Click ‘Yes’ to create transition animation.

    Transition animations are animations that gradually change from the T pose to the first pose of the motion, and are created when the current pose of the avatar and the first frame pose of the motion are different.

    → Two blue motions will appear. The first blue motion is the loaded motion file, and the second short blue motion is the transition animation created when the motion was loaded.

  5. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → Simulation will turn on automatically, and as the avatar moves according to the loaded motion file, the garment will be recorded and the motion file will be indicated in red.


  6. When the animation ends, the recording will automatically stop. To stop the recording while it is in process, click the  (Pause) button once more. 

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