Polygon Lasso Selection


Select patterns, sewing lines, topstitches, and puckering with more freedom.



  • Main Menu → Edit Tool for the respective item
  • 3D/ 2D Toolbar → Edit Tool for the respective item


Edit Tools for Respective Items
PatternTransform Pattern (A)
Points/LinesEdit Pattern (Z)
SewingEdit Sewing (B)
TopstitchesEdit Topstitch (J)
PuckeringEdit Puckering
Buttons/ButtonholesSelect/Move Button ([)



  1. Navigate to the menu listed in Location.
  2. Double-click in the 2D Pattern window, then drag the mouse.
    → A selection point will appear where the mouse was double-clicked and a line will follow as the mouse is dragged.

  3. Click around the items to create the lasso selection.

  4. Click on the start point to complete the lasso selection.
    → All items related to the Edit tool will be selected and highlighted in yellow.


    Only items related to the Edit tool used will be selected. For example, if the Edit Pattern tool is used to create a polygon lasso selection, only segments and points within the lasso selection will be selected.

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