Offset as Internal Line


Input specific measurements to offset patterns and segments as Internal Lines.



  • Main Menu → Edit → Context Menu → 2D Pattern → Offset as Internal Line 
  • Pop-Up Menu (Right Click Pattern) → Offset as Internal Line 



  1. Select (Edit Pattern) Tool / (Transform Pattern) Tool.
  2. Select lines to trace.
  3. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → The Offset as Internal Line window will open. 
  4. Set the desired distance and direction for the offset.


    Distance between the lines selected for offset and the lines to be generated.

    Reverse Direction

    Sets the direction of the offset towards the outside of the pattern (default is towards the inside).


    Extends the resulting offset internal lines when generating offsets of whole pattern pieces.


  5. Click OK. 
    → The offset internal lines will appear in the 2D Pattern Window. 

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