Mac OS X - Marvelous Designer Enterprise Network Version Installation

  1. Double click the dmg file obtained from the purchased DVD or by downloading, 
    In absence of an install file, download it from the link below.

  2. Drag & Drop the '' file on the ‘Applications' folder. 

  3. Double click the ''.
  4. Click the 'Yes' button,

  5. Sign up
  6. Once the program has finished installation, a Server must be set up.
    Click the link below and check to see if the Sentinel Admin Control Center screen shows up, as it does on the picture below. 
    ACC Page

    If the following screen does not appear, the HASP Driver must be reinstalled. 
    Manual Sentinel HASP Driver Installation

    As shown below, click on the ‘Configuration’ menu on left of the ACC Page.


  7.  Click the 'Access to Remote License Managers' menu.

  8. Check the 'Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses' item as shown below.
    Enter the IP address of the Server PC in the 'Specify Search Parameters' item.
    Click the 'Submit' button. 
    For reference, the IP of the Server PC can be identified through the following method.
     Start (Windows) Button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt -> enter 'ipconfig'
    Or enter 'cmd' in the ‘Run’ menu -> enter 'ipconfig'
    Reference Site :

  9.  If the HASP Key can be seen as shown below after approximately 10 seconds, then the configuration is successful.

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