The Library can directly manage and comfortably load files inside the program.

Drag & Drop a file from the registered folder into the 3D Garment Window or double click it with the left mouse button to easily load it.


The ‘Library’ can be shown or hidden by clicking on Main Menu → Display → Windows → Library.



Reset all Library folders (this will remove any and all folders you added).

 Add Folder

Adds a new folder to the Library.
 Rename FolderChanges the name of a folder in the Library.
 DeleteDeletes a folder in the Library.
 RefreshAutomatically applies changes when a file is added/deleted from/to the folder.
 List /  IconToggle between different views. (ver.2.3.0)
 SearchUse Search to locate files quickly and efficiently within the Library. (ver. 3.1)

The Garment, Avatar, Pose, and Motion Folders provided by CLO are pre-registered assets in the Library.

Change the order of the Favorites folders within the Library freely. (ver. 3.1)

(warning) Pre-registered folders cannot be renamed or deleted.


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