Insert Elastic


Insert elastic to the outer line of a pattern or an internal line to express shirring details.



  • 2D Pattern Window Properties → Selected Line → Elastic 



  1. Select an internal line with the (Transform Pattern) Tool or the (Edit Pattern) Tool

  2. Find the menu indicated in Location and switch to On.

  3. Adjust the intensity and ratio of the elastic.

ElasticDecides whether or not the elastic is inserted. If this item is not checked, then adjustments to the elastic intensity and ratio will not be applied to the elastic.
Elastic Strength

Increases or lowers the elastic intensity when the value is entered.

Even if elastics share the same ratio, they will be affected differently depending on their intensity.

Elastic Ratio

Shows the elastic ratio when the selected segment is set at 100%.

Various garments can be expressed by adjusting the elastic ratio. The elastic ratio can be set up to a 200% of the maximum segment.

Elastic Length(mm)Adjusts the elastic ratio when the length is entered.
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