Import Animation


Import Animation cache data created in third-party 3D solutions.


Refer to the links below for FBX / Alembic file import:



  • Main Menu → File → Import → Animation → 
  • Maya Cache (.mc)
  • Maya Cache (.mcx)
  • Point Cache 2
  • MDD Cache (Standard)
  • MDD Cache (Maya/3ds Max)



  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → The File Explorer or Finder window will appear.
  2. Select the desired file, then click OK.
    → An option window will appear with settings that apply to the file format selected.


  3. Set the following individual settings:


    Select All AvatarsApplies the cache data to all objects in the 3D environment. Cache data can be applied to individual objects from the submenu.


    Sets the frame rate of the cache data.


    This menu only appears when importing Point Cache (PC2) files.

    ScaleSets the scale of the cache data.

    Axis Conversion


    Sets the axis direction for the cache data. The Y-axis runs vertically by default.

    Garment PositionMove Avatar & Garment to Start PositionMoves the Avatar and Garment to the location of the first frame. (v.2.5.0)
    Transition AnimationA transition animation is an animation that changes from a T-pose to a motion’s first pose in stages, and is created when the avatar’s current pose and motion differs from that of the first frame pose.


  4. Click OK.
    → The cache data will import according the selected settings.
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