HASP Error Massage and Solution

Communication error between local and remote Sentinel HASP License Managers (H0040)

Cause of the issue 

The Error due to communication issue between Client PC and Server PC.


  1. On 'Run' window (Windows Key + R) type 'services.msc' and click OK

  2. Check status of 'Sentinel Local License Manger' on services window. 
    -  If it is not running, right click and select start.
    -  if it is running, right click and select restart.
    Reboot PC

  3. If you find the same issue after following instruction, check HASP driver version of both Server PC and Client,
    If HASP driver version does not match, please install the same version of HASP driver to both PC. 
    You can find HASP driver version on Sentinel Admin Control Center.

  4. If the issue is not resolved, please make sure your Server and Client communicate through a port and check port 1947 is used by other services. 

Feature not found (H0031) 

Cause of the issue 

A dongle key is recognized but feature ID required for running the program and the feature ID of the dongle key are different.

(Usually occurs when installed wrong version of Marvelous Designer)


Check whether purchased license version and installed version are match. 
eg> When installed Stand Alone version license after purchased Network version.
  -> Download installer from Marvelous Designer homepage and re-install Marvelous Designer.

Sentinel HASP key not found (H0007)

Cause of the issue

-When HASP Dongle key is not inserted to Server PC.
-Client PC could not recognize Server PC.
-Sentinel License Manager does not operate properly.


Check whether HASP dongle key is inserted to Server PC

  1. Check LED of HASP dongle key which coneected to Server PC is on.
  2. Check HASP Key list from ACC page.

    If LED of the dongle key is off or could not find HSAP Key list from ACC page as screenshot above, please refer to manual link below and reinstall Sentinel HASP Driver.

Installing Sentinel HASP Driver Manually


Too many concurrent useres (H0038)

Cause of the issue

When there are more Login attempts than available concurrent user.



Can check current user and force logout from ACC Page

Click "Sentinel Keys" menu on the left
Click "Sessions" button under Actions category.


Could find information of current user from Sessions on.

Click Disconnect button to force logout the user.

Unable to access Sentinel HASP Run-time Environment(H0033)

Cause of the issue

When HASP Driver is not installed properly or HASP Driver data is damaged.

 Review link below to check HASP Driver status


 ACC Page  

If your page looks diffrent from screenshots below, need to reinstall HASP Driver.


Please refer to instruction link below and reinstall HASP Driver. 
Installing Sentinel HASP Driver Manually

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