Free Topstitch


Create a Free Topstitch to freely set sewing regardless of the points of patterns or internal shape.



  • Main Menu → Materials → Topstitch → Free Topstitch 
  • 2D Pattern Window Toolbar → Free Topstitch Tool



  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
  2. Click on the point where the Topstitch begins.
  3. Move the mouse to the direction the Topstitch will be created in.
    → The selected area will appear as a pink line.
  4. Click once on the point where the Topstitch ends.
    → The Topstitch will be created on the designated area and instantly highlighted.


※ Note: 

  • Click-and-drag in the 2D window to encompass all segments where Topstitches to be applied. Topstitches appear on all selected segments.
  • OBJ Topstitches temporarily disappear when the Simulation is activated, but they appear again when the Simulation is deactivated.
  • Right click when creating the Topstitch to enter specific length(ver. MD8).
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