Free Sewing


Use the Free Sewing function to set seam lines regardless of the points of patterns or internal shapes.



  • Main Menu → Sewing → Free Sewing (M)
  • 2D Toolbar →  (Free Sewing) Tool



  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
  2. Click on a point along the line of pattern to indicate the starting point and the end point.
  3. Click on the starting point on the other segment that you want to sew.
    →  There will be a guiding point that corresponds to the same length of the first segment.

    • The sewing notch differs depending on the order in which the starting and ending points were clicked with the mouse.

    • While free sewing, the exact length of the seam line can be set by right clicking on the segment and entering numbers into the Create Seam Line window.

  4. Hover the mouse towards the guiding point and it will snap. Click on the guiding point to sew at the same sewing line length.


The sewing length will follow the mouse cursor around.

  • length of difference between the one segment and the N amount of segments (total sewing length of the one segment / length of the N amount of segments) 

 If there is a difference between the segment lengths of over 1 inch, the sewing line will be shown in red to alert the user.

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