Fold Seam Lines


Use the Fold Seam Lines function to give an ironed effect to patterns and the sewn parts of patterns.



  • 2D Pattern Window Properties → Fold Angle



  1. Click the (Edit Sewing) Tool

  2. Select the seam line that needs its fold angle values changed.
  3. Find the menu indicated in Location and adjust the fold angle between 0~360˚.

The fold angle can be set between 0° and 360°, and 180° appears as a flat state.

The internal line is folded towards the front of the pattern the closer the fold angle is to 0°, and is folded into the back of the pattern the closer the fold angle is to 360°.

Fold Strength



The intensity of the fold can be set by adjusting the ‘Fold Strength’ values. The higher the 'Fold Strength' values, the closer the fold is to the set angle.

When a jacket and its interior are sewn together, the sewn area inflates due to the default set sewing angle and intensity. In this case, set the 'Fold Strength' to 0 to flatten the sewn boundary parts. 

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