Fold Pattern


Give the pattern the effect of having been folded and ironed by adjusting the angle of the pattern’s internal line.

Use this function to express pressed lines of formal pants or, in garment details, to set the fold direction of pleats.



  • 2D Pattern Window Properties → Fold → Fold Angle



  1. Select an internal line with the (Transform Pattern) Tool or the (Edit Pattern) Tool.


  2. Find the menu indicated in Location and adjust the fold angle values.


Fold Strength

Sets the angle closer as the Fold Strength value increases.

Fold Strength is generally between 0 and 20.

Fold Angle

Sets the value of the fold angle between 0˚ and 360˚. 180˚ represents a flat state.

The internal line is folded towards the front of the pattern the closer the fold angle is to 0°, and is folded into the back of the pattern the closer the fold angle is to 360°.

Fold RenderingSets whether the folded part will be folded softly or sharply according to user preference.
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