Edit UV location

Editing location of UV. (Ver. MD 7.5)

Arraying individual UV


Arraying selected individual UV. 


  • UV editor mode → UV right-click popup menu 


UV popup menu


Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle, Bottom

Selected UVs will be aligned by a selected standard.

  • Align menu will be displayed when selecting more than two UVs.
Flip HorizontallySelected UV will be flipped left and right.

Flip Vertically

Selected UV will be flipped up and down.


Arraying all UV


 Arraying all UV visible in UV editor mode.


 UV editor mode → Right-click on background


UV editor mode


Popup menu

Fit UV to unified (0-1)

All UV will be aligned to 0-1 coordinates.

Set UV from pattern alignment

Location of all UV will be re-arranged as 2D pattern window.

Show Wire

Disable texture and show mesh view.
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