Curved Side Geometry


Apply and adjust the curvature of pattern edges, and/or express hems with facing. 



  • Main Menu > 2D Pattern > Edit > Edit Pattern / Transform Pattern
  • 2D Pattern Window Toolbar →  (Edit Pattern) Tool /  (Transform Pattern) Tool


  1. First, change the 3D Garment Rendering Style to Thick Textured Surface (3rd floating button in the 3D Window). 
  2. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
  3. Select the pattern or pattern lines you would like to apply curvature to. 
    → The properties of the pattern will appear in the Property Editor. 
  4. In the Property Editor > Selected Line, click the Curved Side Geometry check box to turn it on. 
  5. Adjust or enter the percentage of the desired curvature. 
    → The curvature of the pattern's edge will change accordingly. 
  6. Click the Double Sided check box to render the edge as a faced hem. 

The maximum curvature is 50% of the fabric's thickness.

For example, if the fabric thickness is set at 1mm, the maximum curvature will be 0.5mm.

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