Arrange Pattern with Arrangement Points


Arrangement Points are created on the basis of the bounding volume surrounding the avatar, and are arranged on the avatar according to the bounding volume’s curves. Select patterns one-by-one and arrange them where needed. 


You can control the precise location with Gizmo or Property Editor even after the patterns have been arranged along the Arrangement Points


  • Main Menu → Display → Avatar → Show Arrangement Point (Shift + F)
  • Show Avatar Icon (Mouse Over) → Show Arrangement Point



  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → Arrangement Points will appear around the avatar 

  2. Select a pattern and hover the mouse over an Arrangement Point. 
    → A preview of the pattern placement is displayed. (ver. MD5)
  3. Click on the Arrangement Point. 
    → The center of the pattern will be placed according to the selected Arrangement Point.



    Symmetric Arrangement occurs as long as the Patterns and Arrangement Points have symmetry applied. (ver. MD6.5)



Arrangement Point is placed in spiral form.

If the length of the pattern is longer than the Bounding Volume then the pattern is arranged in spiral form.

Ex) Case for arranging the Cuffs pattern using the wrist Arrangement Point of the Avatar

  → Usually for Cuffs, the right side goes over the left side 

  Case for arranging front and back patterns of a blouse on a woman Avatar

  → Usually for womenswear, the right side pattern goes over the left side pattern (Opposite for menswear)



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