Add Arrangement Point


Add new arrangement points on the arrangement bounding volume according to the user’s needs.


Arrangement points created without an arrangement bounding volume will not be visible.



  • Main Menu → Avatar → Avatar Editor → Arrangement tab → POINT →  'Add' Button



  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → A new arrangement point called “Arrangement Point” will be created at the bottom of the A-POINT list in the Object Browser, and its properties will appear in the Property Editor.
  2. Apply detailed settings for the Arrangement Point. 

    NameChanges the name of the Arrangement Point.
    ArrangementArrangement BVSelects the Bounding Volume where the Arrangement Point will be placed.
    XMoves the Arrangement Point left and right.
    YMoves the Arrangement Point up and down.
    OffsetSets the distance between the Avatar and the Arrangement Point.
    Wrap DirectionThe direction in which the Pattern is wrapped around the Avatar.

    Symmetric Arrangement Points can be created by naming the Arrangement with an underscore, then R (right) or L (left) depending on its location on the Avatar. (ver. MD6.5)

    • _R
    • _L

    *Follow the steps below to save the Avatar and Arrangement Points, then reload to apply the settings.

    Save Avatar : File → Save As → Avatar

    Save Arrangement Points : Main Menu → Avatar → Avatar Editor → Arrangement Point (Symmetric) → Save

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