3D Snapshot


Save the 3D Window as a PNG image file.



  • Main Menu →  File →  Snapshot → 3D Window (F10) → Single


  1. Find and click the menu indicated in Location.
    → The Save File window will open. 

  2. Specify a location and name to save the image file, and click Save. 
    → The 3D Window Snapshot window will open. 

  3. Select from the available settings:

    Single Image SizePresetSelect from a variety of presets.
    OrientationChange the orientation of the image.
    WidthSet the width of the image.
    HeightSet the height of the image.
    UnitChange the units.

    Set the pixels per inch.

    From  (Ver. MD7) the image resolution (ppi) will automatically adjust depending on the selected paper size for optimal printing results.

    OptionsTransparent BackgroundOption to save the image with a transparent background
    ResetReset the available settings back to the program's default settings.

  4. Click Save. 
    → The image will be saved to the location specified in Step 2. 


  • Garment Measurements can now be captured in 3D snapshots (ver MD7.5). In order to include Garment Measurements, toggle on the Show Garment Measurements icon in the 3D window.


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